Why no one can hold a candle to Balance Cape Town

Debbie Jackson

What could be better than luxurious, natural, fragrant skincare products? At Balance Cape Town, we answered this question: luxurious, natural, fragrant skincare that doubles up as beautiful candles.

Light up!

Yes, you heard correctly. We developed a gorgeous range of candles you can apply on your skin after lighting to nourish and pamper yourself

Simply scoop up the slightly cooled, magical liquid oils and rub them gently into your skin. This innovative product engages all your senses and lightens up your home and body.

The candles are crafted from natural, sustainably sourced oils in various delightful fragrances, including In The Bushveld (with notes of vetiver, cedar, and black pepper), Let’s Create (with notes of bergamot, grapefruit, pink peppercorn, and mandarin), and My Happy Space (with notes of Damascus rose, clary sage and lavender).

If this is not wonderful enough already, the candles are nested in bespoke porcelain jars, handcrafted by renowned ceramist Rika Haasbroek. These candle jars come in various soft colors to add serene, aesthetic value to your surroundings.

To find out more about our Skin Therapy Soy Candles and how to purchase them, click here.


Burnt up? No problem!

So, what happens when you have thoroughly enjoyed this product – and your home and skin are better for it – but now you are left with beautiful, empty candle jars? Don’t fret; the answer is simple – you refill! We have designed a product specially for this goal: our Melt and Pour Refill Kit. Each kit contains full instructions and 150 ml of essential oils; scented, natural soy wax and shea butter; a cotton wick and holder; two wooden wick stabilizers; and a sticky dot to secure the wick on the bottom of your chosen container.

Refills are available in the three fragrances mentioned above as well as two new, exciting ones: Blom No2 (a floral fantasy mixture of jasmine, iris, vanilla, sweet orange, and vanilla) and Ginga’s Pot Candle (a CBD-infused candle fragranced with sandalwood, rosemary, sweet orange, and sage).

With our Skin Therapy Soy Candles, arriving home after a busy day has never felt this good. Next time load shedding hits, you might even be glad it’s time to light some candles.

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