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Has your candle burned through? Are you sitting with beautiful containers from used candles?  – Now you can refill and make your own using our easy Melt & Pour Kit.

Each kit comes with 150ml of essential oil scented natural soy wax and shea butter , 1 cotton wick and holder, 2 wooden wick stabilizers and a sticky dot to secure the wick on the bottom of your chosen container. Full instructions are given on the kit

Our candles are not just any candle – they are a sensory experience

So, take a moment for yourself. Create a luxurious care product for your pleasure. Run a bath or snuggle down into a blanket. When you are ready, light the candle and relax into the luxury scent designed for you. And the experience does not end when you blow out the candle – scoop and cover your body with the liquid oils.Using top quality shea butter and soy and a blend of essential oils and imported fragrance oil from France we have created candles that are based on skin therapy.

Please see fragrance descriptions below to help guide your choice of scent:

Blom No2 : floral fantasy of jasmine, iris, vanilla, sweet orange and vanilla

Ginga’s Pot Candle : relax with a CBD infused candle fragranced with sandalwood, rosemary, sweet orange and sage

In the Bushveld : conjure up African Bushveld nights around the fire with scents of cedarwood, vetiver and black pepper

Let’s be Creative : Allow those creative juices to flow with essential oils bergamot, grapefruit, pink peppercorn and mandarin

My Happy Space : Feel loved and safe in your happy space – notes of Damascus rose, clary sage and lavender




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