Room and Linen Perfume


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Product Information

These room and linen perfume sprays will infuse your home with a long-lasting fragrance

Our room perfumes are an uncomplicated and fast way to add a boost of freshness to your home and are a safer alternative to candles and burners

The imported fragrances are concentrated and long-lasting

40ml glass bottle with silver spray atomiser


Spray into the air to instantly refresh a room

For a longer scent experience:

Spray onto soft furnishing like cushions, curtain linings, towels and linen (spray at least 30cm from article)

Add 5ml of fragrance liquid to your rinse cycle when washing linen throw and towels

A great product for pet owners to combat the doggy smells – add 5ml to your rinse cycle when washing your fur childs blankets

Fragrance Options: Clarens, Napier, White River, Wild Coast, Coffee Bay and BoKaap

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