Porcelain Art Diffuser


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Unleash the Subtle Aromas of perfumed diffusers

The bespoke Porcelain Art Diffuser is unique to Balance Cape Town

If you prefer a more subtle, sophisticated appeal then the Porcelain Art Diffuser is the one for you.

This gift pack contains  20ml of fragrance oil and a handcrafted ribbon-bedecked porcelain disc, infused with your favourite fragrance.

The diffuser can hang infusing the air, or be placed on a decorative plate or bowl.

The perfumed Porcelain Art Diffuser is a low-maintenance room product, and only needs a drop or two of fragrance oil each week for a long-lasting fragrance option

Available in all our fragrance options: Blom No2, Coffee Bay, Napier, White River, Wild Coast, Clarens and BoKaap

The ideal gift!

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