Marula Orange Cleansing Oil


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Marula Sweet Orange Cleansing Oil

Skin Benefits:

This is a silky light oil, gently fragranced with organic sweet orange essential oil and sweet almond oil has been included for it’s natural exfoliating and nourishing benefits.

The oil safely removes your make-up, dirt and pollution from the skin whilst leaving your skin silky soft and fragrantly fresh.

Cleansing oils have been used since ancient times, and the Marula oil was and still is used by the Ovambo women from the dry Namibian region as a waterless cleanser.

Why use a cleansing oil?

Cleansing oils are the champagne of the natural skincare world. Our expression ‘don’t knock it ’till you have tried it’ is well worth working with. Once you have discovered the benefits and charms you will not be without your daily pick me up! Oil gives that deep down squeaky clean feeling without the drying of a soap cleanser.


Here is the easy foolproof way to wash your face with an oil cleanser:


Start with two pumps of the Marula Sweet Orange Cleansing Oil

Massage from the chin to the forehead in tiny circular motions for a few minutes.

The action of the massage creates heat in the skin which encourages pores to open – best in the shower with all that wonderful steam

Warm your Balance CleenCloth and place over your face

Allow the cloth to gently steam the skin for a few minutes. The heat from the towel will soften your skin, open the pores and aid in the removal of dirt and oils

When the cloth has cooled, gently wipe off any excess oil

Your skin will be silky smooth and nourished

For added benefits use in conjunction with the Marula & Pomegranate Facial Oil or the Pomegranate Serum

Your skin will feel delicate, soft and look radiant.

Available in 50ml bottle

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