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Product Information

Pomegranate Oil Serum concentrate is a South African product. We use locally grown and harvested pomegranate seeds.

The oil is cold pressed to protect the high anti-oxidant level and vitamins in the oil.

The oils are then hand blended and bottled in Durbanville, South Africa.

Why Pomegranate oil?

The pomegranate has been identified and used for hundred’s of years as a healer to alleviate discomfort caused by eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

The pomegranate seed oil also assists with the regeneration and repairing of tired, dry, ageing and sun-damaged skin.


  • nourishing dry skin
  • relieving and healing sun damaged skin
  • all skin types including oily
  • healing acne breakouts and acne scarring
  • relieving redness and irritation caused by sunburn
  • healing small burns / grazes
  • treating scalp debris: dandruff, dry flaky scalp
  • healing split ends
  • encouraging hair growth
  • removing cradle cap


Release 1 to 2 pumps of the hydrating and concentrated pomegranate serum into the palm of your hand.

Warm slightly before gently pressing and massaging onto a damp cleansed skin concentrating on  the affected area.

Apply AM/PM for best results.


Ingredients:   pure pomegranate seed oil, grape seed carrier oil, vitamin E

Available in 30ml airless serum bottle

10ml roll on applicator bottle




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