Karoo – our newest fragrance

This is the newest addition to the Balance Cape Town Scent Collection. Karoo is the result of an extensive quest for the perfect fragrance. With a base of Black Pepper, which has been recognised as the king of spices it has an intense and evocative aroma. Blended with citrus and spicy notes it is a stimulating and revitalizing fragrance.

When you unpack the gift box, you will discover:
  • 3 gorgeous porcelain handmade veld flowers. These delicate flowers are the perfect accessories to add to the porous reeds.
  • An organic shaped amber glass decanter filled with 150ml of the unique Karoo fragrance. Unplug the rubber stopper, place the rose gold cap and insert the reeds. Flip the reeds regularly for a constant burst of fragrance
  • FREE gift of 20ml Karoo Fragrance Oil – add a few drops to your tealight oil burner, electric burner or to your hot bath for a luxe body sensation.
Create your own

Add a few botanics from the garden to make this a far more personal diffuser – we have added soft fluffy tufts and they work well with the delicate white porcelain veld flowers.

Suits office decor

A unique fragrance diffuser to add originality & style to all settings – even on your desk!

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