How Balance Cape Town can boost your Airbnb listing

Debbie Jackson

Imagine entering a holiday home or an airbnb, and the soft glow of a candle dimly lits the room, creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. The air is infused with hints of ginger, lemongrass, neroli, rooibos, and orange – fresh and inviting. In the bathroom and bedroom, you can pamper yourself with luxurious, natural and fragrant soaps, oils and skincare candles that calm your senses and enhance the leisure of your break-away.

 With the correct products, your Airbnb can become a home away from home, where guests can unwind, create cherished memories and return again and again

 How Balance Cape Town’s products can be used in an Airbnb setting  

Scent enhancers

Whether scented candlesroom sprayssmall space refreshers, diffusers, or aroma burners with soy melts or fragrance oils, Balance Cape Town offers innovative ways to enhance the aroma of an Airbnb rental’s every room, stuffy cupboard, and even linen and pillows. Our sense of smell plays a significant role in our emotional experiences – and as an Airbnb host, you can engineer pleasant sentiments in your guests by utilising our fragrances.

 Skincare products

Leaving a bathroom well-stocked is key to a pleasant guest experience. Having indulgent soaps and moisturising skin oils for guests to clean and nourish their hands and bodies can make a great difference in their experience of your establishment.

 Guest gifts

People love gifts – and excellent Airbnb hosts know to leave something special on their guests’ pillows. Our wide range of fragrant products offers many gifting options – for example, our personalised soy candle, which can be customised for every guest or your general listing.

 The benefit of using Balance Cape Town’s products for your Airbnb

 Enhanced guest experience

Our exceptional products are created to satisfy the senses, which improves people’s moods. And that is ultimately what you want as a host – to make guests feel welcome, spoilt, rejuvenated and in high spirits. Happy clients make for happy businesses, which brings us to our next point.

 Positive reviews and ratings

By incorporating our products into your offering, you provide guests with hospitality and luxury that exceeds their expectations. A pleasant visit will encourage positive reviews and ratings, highlighting the quality of your service and the satisfaction of your guests. This will naturally boost your listing and attract more visitors.

 Return guests

People want to return to happy memories. Through the pleasant ambience created by our fragrances and skincare products, you can help to create memorable and enjoyable experiences that will forever be associated with your Airbnb. This will cause visitors to keep coming back.

 Personalisation and branding

We offer customisation options, such as individualised label messages. By offering personalised products, your guests will feel valued and more connected to you as a host. This will improve their encounter and imprint your listing in their memories.


Using Balance Cape Town’s beautiful range of high-quality, sense-enhancing, natural products in your Airbnb will improve visitors’ stay and make your listing more lucrative. Let’s work together. Happy hosting from Balance Cape Town!

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