As fresh as a facelift

Debbie Jackson

Did you know that the natural skincare business is one of the fastest growing businesses worldwide?

Absolutely true. What’s also true is that most of the new natural skincare startups are home-grown, home-based and majority women owned.

Balance Cape Town emerged from a dream 5 years ago.

We created our original protea design, all pink and fluffy which at the time was before trend! Before the protea re-emerged as a loved SA flower. And as the years moved on, we noticed more and more newbies using the very popular look for their branding. And this was concerning for us. In a growing world of candlemakers and fragrance advisors, how were we to look different, stand out from the others and remain on trend?

And the answer – a FACELIFT!

A brand facelift. And so the long process began of choosing fonts, deciding on looks, researching brand trends.

We want to remain modern and relevant and connected to our industry. So we chose a softer botanical look, showing off our love of both the protea and our pomegranate! The pomegranate obviously plays a huge role in our skin treatment products. We kept a touch of pink – in our B for Balance!

And we certainly love it and hope that you will too. So look out for the official launch on the 25th October 2021.

We can’t wait to show our new brand image to you.

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