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We are delighted to bring you our latest entrepreneur Debbie Jackson from Balance Cape Town.  Balance Cape Town’s natural skin range products were founded in November 2017 and have grown exponentially.

 They bring nature wrapped in the most elegant, plastic free packaging to your doorstep.  We love their green footprint attitude and that they support local. 

Debbie’s beauty product bursts at the seams with ingredients such as pomegranate seed oils, marula and other essential oils and it’s easy to see why her handmade products fly off the shelf.  As with the product itself, Balance Cape Town does not believe in neglecting the packaging, so each product is individually and beautifully boxed. 

Debbie says it was her career in jewellery that taught her how to make women feel SPECIAL, and what inspires and motivates women.  Armed with nearly 20 years of knowledge, she has taken this valuable information and created a range of products and a business opportunity that compliments those needs

Debbie’s love and passion for people and nature streams through in abundance and it is for this reason that she is so well known amongst locals. 

Her travels allow her to meet many interesting people and often it is to the advantage of her products.  She believes in supporting up and coming female entrepreneurs “as we all share the same struggles and successes” she says.    “It’s important that we learn and share from one another in order to succeed”, says Jackson and that is why she eventually invited her domestic to join the business as factory manager. 

The Balance Cape Town range not only entertains us with gorgeous aromas, but has healing benefits due to the natural ingredients.  There are no preservatives, alcohol or added fragrances to these items and makes for the perfect gift for someone prone to skin allergies, acne, sunburn, pigmentation and many more.

Balance Cape Town believes its essential that we be aware of what we use on our skins just like we are aware of what we put into our bodies.  It is for this reason that you can be assured that their products are made of only natural ingredients

written by Pretty Gorgeous Everythings

edited by Debbie Jackson

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