Savannah – Luxe Body Scrub


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Savannah – Luxe Body Scrub

A salt scrub is the ultimate skin exfoliation for your body removing dry, flaky, dead skin revealing the soft supple skin beneath.

The pores are left unclogged of dit and bacteria and salt has anti-bacterial qualities, so its great for maintaining bacteria free skin.

Balance Savannah is the go-to summer skin treatment especially after spending time in the sea, chlorinated water and in the sun.

Application: scoop a handful of the salty oils and rub gently over the skin. Avoid delicate skin ie bust area, neck and face

Use once or twice weekly

Ingredients: fine Himalayan salt, Namibian coarse salt, shea and avocado butter, grapeseed oil and a soft coconut fragrance

250ml PET jar (safe to use in the bathroom – no fear of dropping a glass container while in the shower



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