Porcelain Aroma Diffuser


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Porcelain Aroma Diffuser

Your new favourite fragrance diffuser for your home and office

Our individually handcrafted Porcelain Aroma Diffuser is designed to add a touch of beauty to any space

The porous unglazed clay used to make the protea engraved diffuser allows essential or fragrance oils to absorb gently perfuming the air

Add your favourite essential oil or one of the Balance Fragrance oils directly to the diffuser which require no heat, flame or electricity

Place the Porcelain Aroma Diffuser carefully on the included wooden stand.

Start your fragrance journey by adding at least 3-5 pipettes of Fragrance Oil (or at least  essential oil) directly onto the porcelain

Each day for the next 7 days add a few drops to build up the fragrance in the porcelain

Thereafter a pipette once a week should be enough – or anytime you feel the need for added scent in your home or office

Gift box contains: handcrafted porcelain diffuser with asian-inspired carved wooden stand

Dimensions: porcelain diffuser 11 cm diameter

Stand:  Wooden black 13cm diameter


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