Mint Chocolate Lip Buff Kit


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Lip Pamper Time

Pamper those lips with a sugar scrub good enough to eat!

Our scrub is a 100% natural blend of plant botanicals, essential oils and sugars to effectively remove all dead cells leaving lips radiant and soft – and we have added a cute Mask Brush to apply the lip buff hygienically and easily

Keep the lips toned between scrubs with the Save my Skin – a unique pomegranate and peppermint roll on (this roll on is your skin’s first aid kit in a roll on! – use for bites, scratches, sunburn and relief of itchy skin)

We suggest using the new CleenCloth Face Mitt to clean the mask once dried. The CleenCloth Mitt  removes makeup and cleans the face easily and safely. Simply wet, wring and wipe!

How to apply:

  1. Apply the sugar scrub over the lips withthe included brush and leave it on for 5-10 minutes
  2. Wet the CleenCloth Face Mitt included with warm water, wring and gently remove the scrub from the lips
  3. Apply Save my Skin or any of the other pomegranate based serums to nourish and protect the lips
  4. Use the scrub 1x per week for gorgeous, soft and toned lips


Contains: 50ml Mint Chocolate Sugar Lip Buff*, Save my Skin Roll on 10ml, Mask Brush, CleenCloth Mitt


*Patch test behind the ear 12 hours prior to use

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