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Balance Aromatic Firelighters


Home is where the Aroma is

Deliciously scented firelighters* made with soy paraffin wax.

These firelighters are so beautiful you won’t want to burn them – They contain allspice, rosemary, clove and star anise as well as the woody fragrances of baobab and acacia.

Take along as a gift, on your next camping trip or toss a couple in the fireplace or in your braai pit and they will put out a wonderful spicy scent into the air.

One firelighter is enough to get your blaze going! Just light the wooden wick set amongst the kindling and your fire will be blaxing in minutes

Handmade in Durbanville the Aromatic Firelighters are a great way to save you from buying chemical firelighters and is a whole lot better for your family’s health

They are packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard box and will have your fire blazing in minutes.

Gift boxed

Contains: 6 firelighters


*These are NOT candles!/ Never leave a fire unattended / keep away from children

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