White River Perfumed Candle


White River Perfumed Candle



White River Perfumed Candle

White River perfumed candle forms part of the Balance Home Fragrance Collection.
The handcrafted wax candles are lovingly created in Cape Town by our specialist candlemaker.

Fragrant candles are an innovative way to add atmosphere and freshness to any room in the house.

Pick your Scent:

White River Perfumed Candle: think spicy pears – poached in red wine and cloves… then add the heady aroma of gardenias in full bloom. This is the unique White River candle. Choose for romantic evenings around the fire, floral bedrooms and large living spaces

Wilderness Perfumed Candle:  the alluring fragrance of lemongrass, coriander and various citrus make this am amazing fragrance to select for celebrating those balmy summer barbeques – Ideal for kitchens, dining areas and bathrooms

Kalahari Perfumed Candle: the dry woody fragrance is reminiscent of a walk in the fresh morning air of the Kalahari. Woody top notes of Baobab and Acacia are prominent. An ideal choice for any room and any occasion.

Important Information:

Our  candles are beautifully gift boxed

There is an estimated 24 hours burning time if kept in optimal conditions

Trim the wick after 5 minutes of burning for the first time. This prevents candle tunneling.

Keep candles away from drafts, flammable materials and do not leave unattended