Satin Pillowcase


Satin Pillowcase



Satin Pillowcase

Satin Pillowcase is a night time beauty treatment

Why is satin recommended by skin specialists and top beauty and hair experts?

Satin Pillowcase provide benefits to your skin and hair through reduced friction

This reduces split ends in your hair, and pulling on your facial skin diminishing wrinkles

As we age we lost elasticity in our skin. Sleeping on cotton can cause skin creases which eventually can become permanent.

While cotton draws moisture from your hair and skin while you sleep, satin allows your skin to slide with no stress on the skin


Cancer Treatments:

Chemotherapy and radiation radically affect both the skin and hair.

Hair follcicles post chemo –  are extremely fragile and can be damaged very easily

Sleeping on a smooth satin fabric allows the hair follicle to skim the pillowcase enabling the hair follicles to retain moisture and promote growth.

Our satin pillowcases are 65 x 40 cm

We supply in white and silver

Our pillowcases are handstitched in Hermanus as a community work creation and empowering project.

We are proudly South African and stand for empowerment of women