Fragrance Oil - BoKaap


Fragrance Oil - BoKaap



Fragrance Oil - BoKaap

BoKaap is inspired by the cultural site in Cape Town – think spices, heritage and color.

The fragrance is a warm oud and spicy wood.

Use this highly concentrated fragrance oil to perfume your home anytime you want to create an ambience

For use in the Aroma Burner place 2-3 pippettes of the oil together with a little water (3/4 full) into the eastern inspired ceramic bowl received with your purchase of the Fragrance Oil and place on the burner

Place the burner in a safe place away from children, pets and burning hazards

Light the tea candle at the base of the burner

Do not leave unattended and keep refilling the liquid in the glass bowl

The oil/water mixture will start to heat and evaporate releasing the fragrance into the air

30ml glass bottle with dropper application

Your fragrance choice:

Stlucia – exotic coconut and rich vanilla

Jacobsbaai – modern fresh marine

Cape Forest – cedar and black pepper

Clarens – rose and grapefruit