Balance Aroma Burner - Darling Vines


Balance Aroma Burner - Darling Vines



Balance Aroma Burner - Darling Vines

The Balance Aroma Burner is a wooden burner – ideal for soy wax melts / essential oils / massage oil warmer

The aroma burner is a delightful way to create an inviting environment

We use the aroma burner to vaporise fragrances into the surrounding environment, creating the ambience required.

An aroma burner allows you to control the strength of the aroma and for this reason is sometimes chosen above the perfumed candle.

It is easy to change fragrances when and if desired.

Ideal for larger areas to diffuse your favourite fragrance, to create a spa-like ambience and for healing purposes using essential oils

Aroma Burner:

Brown handcrafted wooden burner with glass cup and tea candle / PLUS FREE Darling Vines soy wax melt 24 blocks

Using wax melts:

Break 2 to 3 blocks of soy wax melts (available: Darling Vines & Route 62 each contain 24 blocks)

Place blocks in glass cup

Light the tea candle


Using essential oils:

Pour 2-5 drops of your chosen essential oils with water into the glass cup

Burn the candle



Never leave a flame unattended