Behind the Brand


At Balance Cape Town we believe we can make a difference to women’s lives by offering an honest, simple business opportunity –  and by choosing to support other women entrepreneurs from packaging to printing we feel we empower and transform other small businesses.

As a proudly South African company we source only locally grown or manufactured raw materials. Our specially designed ranges include perfumed candles to natural skin care products.

Important facts to remember:  All 100% natural.  No preservatives added. Not tested on animals. Locally manufactured.

Living life with passion

BALANCE CAPE TOWN  distributors live their lives with passion.  Offering  a range of quality local handmade products and supporting other small businesses we stand proud! Our distributors are amazingly positive women who are entrepreneurs at heart. They have a dream, and they are living that dream. 

The business mantra is simple. The more you sell, the more you earn! 

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After years working in a corporate environment I yearned to create a sustainable business – not only for myself but for other women too who also dream of independence to run their own business. And so Balance Cape Town was created.
We handle all the product research and development.
We handle all the logistics. 
We allow our Distributors to concentrate on building their customers and team members, their way.
As a tribe we are having fun.
We are learning new skills. 
We are steadily building our brand.  
Journey with us.
We offer an honest and simple business opportunity.
No false promises.
Share in the opportunity and walk the path with us. 
Start living your dreams.  We are!
Inspire Empower Transform
Balance Cape Town Antoinette

Antonette Hamman

Key Distributor


I love life. I love supporting  like-minded entrepreneurs. If you are thinking of starting a business that has ethics, is organic, environmentally friendly and can make a difference in your life then contact me

Estelle Atouguia

key Distributor


As an entrepreneur I decided I wanted to become part of this incredible business, selling an amazing product, surrounded by women who bring positive energy & enthusiasm to everything they do.

There is no hard sell. The business opportunity and the products sell themselves. I really love meeting new people and  help with their skin problems by offering a natural solution AND the bonus is receiving an income while doing so.

I am inspired by other women like myself who want to create another source of income. I offer my team support and my many years of experience in a direct selling environment.

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